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Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into an instant tool to find nearby people of similar interests for real time Face-to-Face meetings.
MakeFriends automatically shows you people that are also looking that fit your interests, close or far. Whether your looking for a friend, a date, someone to have lunch with
, a card playing partner or you are looking for some professional networking for a job, MakeFriends will instantly show you people that share your interests.

A brief list of MakeFriends features
No Ads
Chat rooms
Rotate to view and type in portrait or landscape mode.

Meet other users nearby or worldwide with similar interests.
Works indoors and outdoors on 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi networks.

See how far users are from your current location.

Set whatever search criteria you are looking for...

  • to have lunch with
  • dating or a 4th for bridge
  • someone to have coffee with in a strange city
  • a new friend
  • pick up game of basketball
  • someone to network with for a job
  • or just someone to talk to about something like Harry Potter™?

You can look based on gender, age, common interests or unique keywords, dating, friends, casual relationships, etc.
View the profiles that match your criteria.
Create and update your own profile - change your intro and picture early and often!
Offset your own location where you are located in case you want more anonymity.
Block and unblock people you wish from contacting or seeing you.
Speed dial the phone number of any matches that list their phone number
Chat with other users. Unlimited and no-fee text messaging.

Email them that have their e-mail address listed.

MakeFriends2 ™
MakeFriends is on the Apple iTunes™ App Store - MakeFriends helps you meet people near you with similar interests. It takes the chance out of the chance encounter! Simply fill out your profile and indicate the age, gender and common interest of the person you would like to meet. MakeFriends will show you the people that match that description.

After you click on someone's icon, to find more information, you may contact them with an Instant message, a phone call or email… to see if you have a match.

When you find someone you want to talk with, you can text message them within MakeFriends. There are no SMS fees and there is absolutely no need to give out your phone number, email or IM address...That is unless you want to…and meet that new friend or special someone, all from your iPad™, iPhone™, 3g or iPod Touch™.
Download MakeFriends today and join the tens of thousands of MakeFriends users meeting each other for the first time.

What's coming to MakeFriends
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Instant message
Make a phone call

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