The Stylist Stylist

The Stylist: All of these are to add to the attention you get or allow you to to find more matches at once. Add some STYLE and BUZZ for yourself.

Membership Bundles

Gold Membership: BEST BUY This has every feature and unlmited amonts

Silver Membership: This is a limted version of the Gold memebership

Friends Membership: Unlimited pvt chat Friends, 2 additional Keywords, HTMl, use YouTube

Motif Membership: Emphasized face, Html, Background for profile, use YouTube, 2 additional Keywords.

Feature description

More Keywords, words that others may search for you on that are not in the Common interests list. These are words people may search on for common interests. For Example a keyword may be OLYMPICS, Bridge, Harry Potter. These may be just to have someone anywhere world wide that is interested in Harry Potter for a chat.

HTML in profile: If you are html savvy, this feature is a limited subset of html commands to use on your profile page, such as <b>BOLD</b> , italic, fontcolor, fontsize and links.

Emphasized face: Show your face on the map and list view 250 percent larger..

YouTube video in profile: Place a YouTube video on your profile to show what you like or are interested in.

Background for profile: You may use any solid color or a photo or image on your profile page.

Unlimited friends : Everyone may select and chat in the Pvt Chat area with 5 different people as much as you like per month. Gold, Silver members and Unlimted may talk to more, depeding on what feature they have.


3 people icon Home

my preferences icon People or List

my preferences icon Setup
Approved photos
Take a new Photo

my interest list icon My Interests

who person icon Who I am looking at
Instant message
Make a phone call

Folder Other Folder

My home location
list of matches icon List of matches
filter magnifing glass icon Looking for
Private Chats
Chat rooms
The stylist icon Stylist


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